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Your home, where the heart truly is, should be a reflection of the things you truly love! While many families are content to adapt themselves to the features of their new homes, true satisfaction comes with a home that is adapted to you. Hunter Pasteur Homes constructs and sells such abodes throughout Michigan. As a new home builder that specializes in luxury and immediate occupancy homes, we will put your family in a house that brings you happiness.

Hunter Pasteur Homes tailors each construction job to the exact needs of the family we are working with. We begin by meeting with you and your family and assessing every factor that affects your housing requirements. These include the size of your family, the age of any children you have, any specific health issues that any of you suffer from, and your interest in savings, sustainability, and services. We also listen to your aesthetic preferences, striving to build a home that you will find beautiful for as long as you live in it. Once we know everything we need, we set to work building the house, constructing it quickly and affordably without sacrificing quality. Your family will barely have to wait before moving into the home of your dreams.

New Luxury Homes

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As important as planning and construction are, the quality of your community is every bit as critical as that of the house itself. Thus when we choose a location to build your home, we make sure it is safe, clean, and in close proximity to businesses and public utilities. Besides building the home close to essential amenities and utilities, Hunter Pasteur Homes connects you directly to services that are necessary for constructing and paying for the building.

These include preferred lenders, such as Luxury mortgage, as well as warranty companies like ProHome. Our goal is to make the entire process as simple and smooth as possible, allowing you and your family to order and move into the home without hesitation.

Don't ignore the opportunity to give your family a house they will love. For more information or to view our new homes for sale, contact Hunter Pasteur Homes today.

Sometimes life can move fast. Family changes, job changes, or relocation may mean you need to find a new home, now.

But making a quick decision doesn't mean you have to settle! Many of our beautiful homes are available for immediate occupancy. We have a wide variety of homes for sale that are under construction or already built, meaning they are ready for you, your family, and your schedule.

An investment in a Hunter Pasteur home is an investment into your future. Contact us today and together we'll help build you and your family a new future.

A Dream Come True!
It was our dream to build a house and our dream has come true... We really appreciate all the efforts from your entire team. Everyone we dealt with was very friendly, helpful, supportive and knowledgeable... we are so excited... - New Hunter Pasteur Homeowner